Blobar salon specializes in giving you an extraordinary stunning blow dry in just a short time. If you have a hustle bustle workload, you could get bouncy fabulous waves in around 45 minutes and stomp to places with gorgeous hair like A-list Hollywood youngsters.

Blobar Salon is always keeping up with the latest hippest Hollywood hair trend. From the asymmetrical hair cut to the Hollywood classic hair curl styling. The things that make this salon distinguished from other contenders; they offer you the uber cute ombre that makes your hair look as if you dip it in a melted rainbow. This salon exclusively works together with Manic Panic which has a complete series of vibrant cool color palette for your hair. From bright candy pink, torques, yellow banana, shocking orange, you could color your hair with the most outrageous color and style that you want.

If you dare enough to push your fashion sense to the edge, you may try the three-color ombre or even color your hair light violet and silver that looks like the tail of a unicorn. Loving the service even more here because the friendly hairdresser will warmly welcome you and offer hair consultation before any treatment. So what are you waiting for, comes to Blobar Salon and be the next cool kid in Jakarta!

the Broadway Kemang, Jl. Benda 46 F unit C

TEL: +6281310195921

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