One Piece by Hisato Certainly Has More Than Japanese Perm

When you get inside a hair studio, what do you expect? A nice haircut? Perhaps some refreshing blow-dry or a new color? We also thought so.

However, when we enter One Piece by Hisato Hair Studio at Lippo Mal Kemang, we realized that hairdressing is more than that. Some moments ago, we spent some time here for an “engraving pieces” haircut (we’ll get back to this later) and some coloring. Here are our honest thoughts as we underwent the process:

The Brain behind It

We talked to the Creative Director, Hisato Suzuki, before taking the treatment. He’s quick-witted and perceptive, thanks to his 22 years of experience as an international hair designer. To him, haircut is a total transformation that requires more than hair. His signature “engraving piece” technique pays attention to our facial and bone structures, as well as hair texture, to decide what kind of haircut will fit the client. When we asked why, he gave us a concise answer, “Bone and facial features are predestined. What we do with engraving pieces is covering the flaws and enhance the strong features they already have—thus giving facial appearance a total coordination”.

Just in 10 minutes of talk, he can already tell what to do with our hair, judging from every angle our facial and bone structures like a 3D scanner. Cool.

The Service

Everyone here showed a particular trait that caught our attention: passionate. We have our hair treated by Hisato Suzuki and one of the female hair designers—and both of them certainly has plausible presentation skill in explaining every detail they do. They have a lot of choices from the water used to wash your hair, colors and coloring methods (as they have both from Shisheido and L’Oreal for the service), and will give you advice that doesn’t feel imposing (I mean it, most of hairdressers I know are pretty imposing about what they think as the best choice for me). Personal tip: Try to go for Shisheido because they typically create the products to fit Asian skin tone and facial structures. We go with the soft pink shade without bleaching process, just to get the caramel color with pinkish undertone.

As for the haircut, Hisato-san is unlike some of high-profile hair dressers—he took care of everything without being really dependent to his capster. And guess what—he is not only quick with scissor and razor but careful with every strain of your hair until he thinks it’s perfect.

The Ambience

As you enter the hair studio, you know that you can get even the most experimental hair treatment you’d like. One Piece by Hisato slightly has more elegant decoration in comparison to their “colorful” One Piece outlets. They have both local and Japanese hair designers with a wide price range. They are typically occupied but not so busy, making it a nice place for some “me-time”. As we got there we can even see a Japanese young adult having her hair cut while doing work on her laptop with coffee on the drawer. Amazing.

The Result

Here’s an anecdote we had on our mind as the result came out: “How did I go out every day with that filthy hair I had before Hisato-san took care of everything??”

Jim Morrison once said that one of the worst mistakes we have is a haircut, but that’s totally not the case. We don’t look weird at all—but prettier. We’re serious. The technique does not only “repair” the bone structure but emphasizing the nicer aspects we have. It’s just pretty nice to know that we only change the hair, but the whole appearance is improved.


Lippo Mall Kemang, 1st Floor, Unit 2,

Jl. PangeranAntasari no. 36, South Jakarta

Phone +62 21 29528397




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