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Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck

GC, photos by Soraya Intercine Films
15 December 2013

Herjunot Ali and Pevita Pearce take the main role in a tragic love-story, Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck. Based on Indonesian Shakespeare, Buya Hamka, the movie sets in 1930 tells about the Minang custom of society where ‘Ninik Mamak’, the elders in the family would arrange a marriage. Zainuddin (Herjunot Ali) who fell in love with Hayati (Pevita Pearce) had to struggle in a long distance relationship. While Hayati decided to marry another noble man, Azis (Reza Rahardian) for the greater good of her life.

We had a chance to interview both of the starring actor and actress, Herjunot Ali and Pevita Pearce. Read on!

HET: Both of you played in 5 CM and Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck, is there any burden play in films based on best-seller novels?

Junot: There’s no pressure or burden for me. I have no expectation in thinking about something that’s not important.

Pevita: For me, every project has its burden and challenge. Firstly, I had a little pressure, because it’s the first time for me to play a character that’s adapted from one of Indonesia’s Best Literatures. I speak in Jakarta’s dialect so I’m finding it hard to speak the lines in this film. Gladly, I worked with a great team; Reza, Junot and Kevin helped me out in dealing with the pressure.


HET: Please share with us, how’s the process of reading the script. Have you read the novel itself?

Junot: Yes, I read the novel. The reading process took 6 months that required an a acting coach and three dialect coaches.

Pevita: Van Der Wijck firstly came long before 5 CM, so from the production house it took about 6 years. We took a lot of time in reading process so there’s no unnecessary re-take during the shoot.


For the rest of this interview as well as our one-on-one interview with Herjunot Ali, check out HighEnd teen December 2013 issue! For the coverage of our Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck nobar at Plaza Senayan, look forward to our January 2014 issue! :)

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